Plant Spotlight: Euphorbia Firesticks

by Tanya Cash

Background: The scientific name: Euphorbia tirucalli, commonly referred to as Firesticks, Pencil Cactus, and Sticks on Fire. This succulent is a member of the Euphorbia Family, which are often mistaken as cacti. This plant is actually a tree native to Africa that grows in semi-arid tropical climates. For us in Colorado, that means Euphorbia Firesticks can only be grown as an indoor houseplant as it will not survive outdoors during our winter season.

4" Euphorbia Firesticks with sunstressed tips

Light: Euphorbia Firesticks will need a bright place in your home to thrive. We recommend placing this plant in a south facing window, or under a grow light in order to provide the ideal lighting. The tips of the plant will turn shades of orange and red when it is getting high light exposure.

Always let your Euphorbia Firesticks dry out completely in-between watering. Like most succulent plants, it is better to underwater this variety than to overwater. Check out our post on bottom watering succulents to learn more about how we prefer to water our Succulent plants.


Many members of the Euphorbia family have a milky sap that is quite toxic. Therefore, this plant is not recommended if you have children or animals that tend to investigate your plants. Search our site for a collection of our favorite animal friendly plant friends.


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